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♥ About Kayla, Production Manager & Gabby, Owner ♥

I am a mom of 2 girls...and I am their biggest cheerleader &fan. So, how did this became my hobby? I have always loved high heels, dress-up and the sparkly things. So when I realized I could work with glitter materials I uber excited. But, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to use the glitter. 

As the owner Of www.kiddotags.com I tried to tie it into the manufacturing of our dishwasher safe labels, but, the Glitter product line just didn't fit into the company brand. So I "sat" on it for a while. 

Then! Finally the opportunity came to me when my girls joined their local cheer squads! OMG!! I know, I know! I can make beautiful custom glitter shirts, oh wait! I don't have time to make this another business... so I made me and my friends a Cheer Mom Glitter Shirt. And then another, and another, and another... the rest well, is history.

We love glitter and have turned it into yet another fun hobby. I have a great employee & friend (Kayla) that inspects, runs production for us and makes sure we meet all of our project requirements.  

With all of our quality and production standards already in place for KiddoTags.com, our quality standards at the theglittersquad.com were easy to implement and follow.

We work with Bulk orders all the time for Bridal Parties, Company Events, 

Best regards,
Gabby Turner & Kayla Nelson